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WH-ER50-6 is a coppered low alloy steel wire shielded by 100% CO2 with all position welding. The wire has a very good welding performance and higher efficiency in welding. The weld metal shows lower temperature impact toughness. Strong resistance to surface scales and oil stains on the base metal. It has low blowhole sensitivity.


It is mainly used for but and fillet welding structures made by shipping steels and low alloy steels. Such as ships, containers, vehicles, engineering & construction machinery, bridges and so on.

Mig Welding Wire 1.0mm
Mig Welding Wire 1.2mm
Mig Welding Wire 1.6mm
Mig Welding Wire(Flux Cored) 1.2mm
Mig Welding Wire(Flux Cored) 1.6mm

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%):

•GV= Guarantee Value

Test Item C Mn Si S P Ni Cr Cu
GV .06~.15 1.40~1.85 .8~1.15 ≤.03 ≤.03 ≤.15 ≤.15 ≤.15
Typical .08 1.52 .89 .019 .018 .013 .016 .15


Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal:

•GV= Guarantee Value

Test Item Rm(MPa) Rel(Mpa) A(%) AKV(J)
GV ≥480 ≥400 ≥22 ≥27(-30°)
Typical 568 461 23-30 126


Diameter & Recommended Current (AC/DC):

•WA(A)= Welding Current (A)

Test Item φ0.8 φ0.9 φ1.0 φ1.2 φ1.6
Current 50~100 50~100 50~220 80~350 80~350
CO2 Flow rate(L/min) 15 15 15~20 15~25 15~25

X-ray Inspection: I

Instruction: The wire and flux should be kept dry place.

Certification: Ship classification Society: GL,LR,CCS,SGS