AC Arc Welding Machine

BX1 Series AC Arc Welding Machine, BX1-500


  • Adopt high-quality silicon sheet;
  • Stepless adjustable current output makes welding current stable and arc have no magnetic blow;
  • Car type design, novel structure, convenient movement, first choose for outside construction operation;
  • Applicable for Φ 2 ~ Φ 6 acid electrode;
  • Applicable for the welding of mild steel, alloy steel and etc.

Specification BX1-500
Product Model BX1-500
Input Voltage/Frequency 1-380V 50/60hz
Rated Input capacity 38KVA
Range of output current 100-500
Duty cycle 35%
Electrode diameter Φ 2 ~ Φ 6
Dimension(mm) 680 X 480 X 780
Weight 105kg