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Description: It is a kind of medium-manganese and medium-silicon type welding wire. It matches with medium-manganese and medium-silicon type welding flux. It is not sensitive to the rust on the base metal. It has excellent bead molding and slag detach ability. Monopole of dipole. AC/DC.

Application: Used together with fused flux 350 of sintered flux 101. Used for both high speed welding and filling welding on 50kg class base metals.

Submerged Arc Welding Wire, 4mm

Submerged Arc Welding Wire, 3.2mm

Submerged Arc Welding Wire, 2.5mm

Chemical Composition of welding wire(%):

Test Item P Ni Cr    
GV ≤0..30 ≤.30 ≤0.20    


Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(%):

Test Item C Mn Si  S  
GV ≤0.10 0.8-11 ≤0.07  ≤0.03  


Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal:

Test Item Rm(MPa) Rel(Mpa) A(%)  AKV(J) 0°C  AKV(J) -20°C
SJ301 ≥490 ≥410 ≥22  ≥80  ≥34
HJ431 500-600 420-450 23-30  ≥27  –


Diameter & Recommended Current (AC/DC):

•WA(A)= Welding Current(A)

Dia(mm) φ3.2 φ4.0 φ5.0    
Current(A) 80-120 130-180 170-240    


(1) The electrodes must be baked under 350-430 C for an hour before welding, put into a can and taken as soon as they are needed.
(2) The stains on the weldments, such as rust, oilastains, moisture, etc., must be cleared away before.



Shipping Classification Society : GCS