MIG 500C Welding Machine


  • Adopt the waveform control technology to improve shaping and reduce spatter;
  • Digital display gauge head, accurate presetting of welding current and voltage;
  • High duty cycle and available to carry out continuous welding for long time.
  • Striking arc easily with slow wire-feeding. melt ball function ensures success rate;
  • Function of removing melt ball;
  • High frequency inversion, small volume, light weight, energy-saving.
  • With manual welding function

Specification MIG500C
Product Model: MIG-500G
Input Voltage/Frequency 3-3B5V 50/60hz
Rated input capacity 25KVA
Range of output current 60-500A
Duty cycle 80%
Dimension (mm) 576 X 297 X 574
Weight 40kg
Wire feeder 59-10
Gas flow device CLT-25/AC36V
Welding gun QTB-600