Inverter DC MMA Arc

Inverter DC MMA Arc Welding Machine (IGBT),ZX7-200G/315G/400G FEATURES


  • Simple electric circuit, strong anti-jamming ability.
  • Arc Force can be adjusted according to the length of the welding cable. Long-distance welding is available.
  • Striking current can be adjusted, applicable for striking arc of workplace with different plate thickness.
  • Digital display ammeter, the welding current can be preset accurately before welding.
  • Applicable for the welding of various electrodes including Φ 2 ~ Φ 6 acidic, alkali, refractory steel electrode and etc.
  • Applicable for the welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, alloy steel and etc;
  • High frequency inversion, smell volume, light weight, energy-saving.

Specification ZX7-200G ZX7-315G ZX7-400G
Product Model ZX7 – 200G ZX7 – 315G ZX7 – 400G
Input Voltage/Frequency 220V± 15% 50/60Hz 3-380V 50/60Hz 3-380V 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity 9KVA 12.4KVA 19.3KVA
Range of output current 10-200A 20-315A 20-400A
Duty cycle 35% 35% 35%
Eectrpde diameter Φ2 – Φ4 Φ2 – Φ5 Φ2 – Φ6
Dimension (mm) 371 x 155 x 287 500 x 400 x 210 570 x 311 x 480
Weight 9kg 33kg 42kg