Submerged Arc Welding Machine

1. IGBT inverter and precision constant current feedback control technology, soft switch, digital setup and display, low input power supply, high power factor
2. For butt welding, fillet welding, horizontal or 10″ angle slope with groove or without groove
3. Two active wire feed speed, circumferential welding, butt welding, lab welding and fillet welding in flat position.
4. Steady arc, reliable and durable, energy saving, noiseless, easy for maintenance
5. Excellent welding performance, wide current adjustment range
6. Suitable for stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy metal, etc.

 Specification MZ-1000
Power supply voltage AC 380±10% V/50-60 hz
Power supply capacity 74.0 kVA
Power supply current 83 A
Current range 60-1000 A
Duty Cycle 100%
Cos∅ (η) .95
Full-load efficiency 92%
Diagram of wire 2-6 mm
Protection grade IP21 S
Insulation grade F
Weight of power source 90.5 kg
Weight of trolley 55.5 kg
Dim. of machine 770*365*800